9. and 10. week

Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.



Diva Sugar and Spice of Lionhill


Diamond Blank Dagos Goldset

Owner Bianka Schiffer Scheltwort

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5. und 6. week

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At home

At new home

7. and 8. week

May 15, 2018, 8 weeks and  1day old

Today we went to the vet. The program encompasses initial examination, litter acceptance protocol, vaccinating and chip implantation.

This, of course, means two more car rides. Again, the little ones were very "brave". There were only two small "calamities", however they did not have any food before.

First up is Guinness....

....than Ginger Lily

....followed by Grace

....and now Gigi

....once again Gigi

....last, but not least Gena

....noch einmal Gena

Now it's the boys' turn.

....followed by Gaius....

First is Great Bobby's turn....

....finally, it's Gary's turn.

....still Gaius....

And the end is followed by big fatigue.

The little ones cuddle on the towels - there is the familiar smell.

And now a less evocing but moving presentation at the end.

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Now the feed ring is too small. The heads probably all fit next to each other, but the amount of food does not fit into the ring.

May 14, 2018, 8 weeks old (9th week)


March 19, 2018

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Diva Sugar and Spice of Lionhill
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Diamond Blank Dagos Goldset

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