9. and 10. week

9. and 10. week

Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.



Anouk Princess of Lionhill


Scout Red Irish Man of Green Land

Owner Gaby Kleemann

Details to,
Scout Red Irish Man of Green Land
including pedigree

Details to,
Anouk Princess of Lionhill
including pedigree


25. January 2014

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5. und 6. week

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1. and 2. week

At home

At new home

7. and 8. week

Ella posing

Emma will be picked up next. She already wears her harness.

Today Edison leaves to his new family.

But beforehand he will romp around with Mama Anouk.

The "last Mohawk"  !!

04. April 2014, 9 weeks and 6 days old (10th week)

Enni and Edison - farwell-kuddle

Today is Enni's day,
she will leave to her new familiy.

01. April 2014, 9 weeks and 3 days old (10th week)

Enni posing

31. März 2014, 9 weeks and 2 days old (10th week)

Our most superb playing gear.

Eve posing


again Ella


And at once the all of them want to appear from one's best.

Edison and Ella

Now already 3 puppies have left. Also today 2 little One's will be picked up by their new families. The remaining play and romp around.

29. März 2014, 9 weeks old (start 10th week)

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They were all stressed  and harassed.....like us ;-)

.......Enni examin.

Two hours later it was very quiet in the puppy room....but all were awake.

Emma cuddling inbetween ......


One by one they came on to the kitchen table which was repurposed for ordination reason. Here the puppies become aided and examined in detail   --- and be brought back to the puppy room afterwards.

Elmo Chip


Vaccinate, Chip and the medical examinatin  for litter control were on the program.

Eragon vaccinate

Today the vet was at our home.

25. March 2014, 8 week and 3 days old (9th week)

Anouk with Edison and Elmo

f.L.t.R.:   Eragon, Ella, Edison, (Anouk), Elmo, Eliot, and Ebony.

Again it is bad weather. It's not just raining, wind is chilling and uncomfortable cold and penetrating.

This reduces the time for playing in the garden i.E. from about 60 to 30 minutes or less.

However, so far the puppies are in motion, evereything is OK.

It's like in earlier times with the kids: When they stop moving and sit down, they get tired and cold and must come inside at once.


 Today Anouk keeps them in motion (like every time).

24. March 2014, 8 week and 2 days old (9th week)