7. and 8. week

Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.



Anouk Princess of Lionhill


Scout Red Irish Man of Green Land

Owner Gaby Kleemann

Details to,
Scout Red Irish Man of Green Land
including pedigree

Details to,
Anouk Princess of Lionhill
including pedigree


25. January 2014

Today, the second drive away was held. She was already twice as long as the first one. A few minor mishaps took plce but nothing serious.
At the end they were all tired and exhausted.

10. March 2014,  6 weeks and 2 days old (7th week)

Anouk with her  "great" son.

Purple pushes, Rosa moves.

Therefore, this video is titled:
Playing in the tunnel

What are they doing in there? Why not came out?? Thats simple: They are playing


Elmo dreaming

Enni "dancing"


.....are most effective in a large format

14. March 2014,  6 weeks and 6 days old (7th week)

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At home

In order to prepare our little gang of puppies on the needs of our mobile world, we make several road trips, starting with a small round "around the block" (taking 3 minutes) to the longer journey over 30 minutes. Not all do like this really. One or other is going to air one's belly.

Our fourth Drive (the third is not documented)

19. March 2014,  7 weeks and 4 days old (8th week)

Food?   Is the food coming, or what are they looking for???

18. March 2014,  7 weeks and 3 days old (8th week)

Anouk with Enni and Edison

Enni und Ella


The skateboard enjoys great popularity to all.

Eliot is completely uneffected

Also Eragon shows no reaction.

Very quickly Emma revealed her destiny and whizzes around like always.

Exercising to wear harness!  ;-((


The enthusiasm has its limits. All are trying to strip or bite away the annoing "thing". But, in the moment they were distracted by other puppies, the annoing "thing" is forgotton.

22. March 2014,  8 weeks old

The coach bank

Hedia and Avan (right)

Anouk          Saphia

Hedia and Avan (in front)

Family on a visit:

Cusins of granddoughter Saphia (and the corresponding mothers)  are on a visit  -

- or simply said:

Human puppies visiting dog puppies :-))

21. March 2014,  7 weeks and 6 days old (8th week)

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Anouk with Eve (or viceversa?!?)

Alternate playground kitchen

Enni with Anouk (or viceversa?!?)

Ella   Edison   Eliot   Emma

The bad weather with cold and stormy winds forced the puppies to stay under the shelterd area or in the Kitchen :-)

16. March 2014,  7 weeks and 1 day old (8th week)

Extra lessons for Enni

Always exciting to watch how Anouk cares about her puppies.
This time it's little Enni's turn!

13. March 2014,  6 weeks and 5 days old (7th week)

Sophia's cousine and friend Hetia with her mom Lisa are guests in the puppy room..

12. March 2014,  6 weeks and 4 days old (7th week)


Meanwhile, the kids also get nibbles, although not Vegetarian :-((   . This is not only good for their teeth but also keeps the little fur noses busy in between.Therefore, this little video is dedicated to the theme:


11. March 2014,  6 weeks and 3 days old (7th week)


Now the puppies are big enough to power even with Anouk through the tunnel or to play in the tunnel.

09. March 2014,  6 weeks and 1 day old (7th week)

Place is also in the "great cabin", which is also very fascinating and also exciting, but not nearly as comfortable and attractive as the basket.


Our first drive away
was only once "around the block" but very exciting.
To save the honor is to say: None spit. All have well-behaved.
But maybe it was because the mom accompanied us.


Place is in the smallest of places. The basket is new in the puppy room and immediately, like everything new, attractive.

08. March 2014,  6 weeks old (start of 7th week)

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