9. and 10. week

Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.



Anouk Princess of Lionhill


Scout Red Irish Man of Green Land

Owner Gaby Kleemann

1. and 2. Week

Details to,
Scout Red Irish Man of Green Land
including pedigree

Details to,
Anouk Princess of Lionhill
including pedigree


15. May 2011



A^NOUK  enjoys the evening sun

feeding and or sleeping

17. May 2012, 2 days young

Circus acrobatics on a couch

26. May 2012, 11 days young

Nothing goes over a smooth "heating" pillow

First barck trials; for the picture without noise

25. May 2012, 10 days young

24. May 2012, 9 days young

Hier muss man genau hinschauen:

Sneak up from aside and than..............                                            .............snap at the chance........no,

not really, here is someone to look, (smell), whether this is the real mum or not.

27. May 2012, 12 days young

28. May 2012, 13 days young

All puppies  opened their eys sofar and now they start to notice and to discover themselves.

Looks like a dog, A am a dog

I'm a Dino, my weight is about 20 tons

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All are eating? No, one's asleep!

Proud Mama ANOUK


It's a must: To get cleaned

20. May 2012, 5 days young

Just fallen out of the sky.......our starbucks

21. May 2012, 6  days young

29. May 2012, 14 days young

Excitement in the puppy-box

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At home

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It's real hard to get one's feed!!

22. May 2012, 7 days young

Also the "children's room" (puppies room)

is "freshly painted".

Bathroom and kitchen............




..............still have to be renovated.

The bed room......               ..........is fine.

The dining room...........

.............again must to be examinated

Entrance (and exit) to bed- and dining room

Both, TAYLA during her A-and B-litter and ANOUK during her C-litter, they were forced to build "caves" for their puppies. This time however, a single cave was not enough for ANOUK, she built a "multiple room flat" for her puppies.

19. May 2012, 4 days young

16. May 2012, 1 day young

ANOUK proud with her litter!!