28. November 2010

Choice Tearaway of Lionhill

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Choice Carrie-Emily Churchill (Chester)Candy,   CharlieCaptain (Charlie),   Collin

Last but not least Churchill Spokesman conquered his new home at the northern outskirts of Hamburg.  From now he has to answer to his new Name Chester, if necessary to "Herr Heuer". He also survived his journey without any incidents in terms of vomiting. After a short visit to a hopefully new  friend he discovered his feeding dish in an instant.

28. November 2010

Churchill Spokesman of Lionhill, alias Chester

At the same day Carrie Emily was second to move to her new family.

With Lena and Lars she had become a lovely and beautiful new home.

She "survived" the short travel to Kiel  without any incidents. At home she is open-minded, teachable and discovers very curious her new surroundings.

28. November 2010

Carrie Emily Lullaby of Lionhill

Choice Tearaway had been the first of all moved to her new family. Now she becomes the "surname" Maaß. Since she stays in Flensburg,we can hope of some common excoursion.

Choice is a little whirlwind and will keep her family on their toes.

Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.



Anouk Princess of Lionhill


One and Only The Red Shadow (called. Adam)

Owner Jochen u. Judith Lind

Details to,
One and Only the Red Shadow
including pedigree

Details to,
Anouk Princess of Lionhill
including pedigree


1. October 2010

Collin Little Chief of Lionhill

 First becomming familiar at the new home and than with the new friends.

Captain Jack Sparrow moved at  18. December to his new home  Wien Family . In future he will be called  CHARLIE . He is already used to thhere this name, but not to obey yet, because his brother Charlie Brown was called so far. His journey has not beeb as long as that of Candy or Charlie Brown, but he has suffered more, so his master reported. For shure he will learne like his elder siblings, but it will take time.


Captain Jack Sparrow of Lionhill alias Charlie

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Tired, the best sleep is on the blanket, getting used to from the puppies room.

Thats what Collin liekes most (like all Setter): to be the center.

Mads, Morten, Far Jörgen and Christoffer

Someone is missing.

The fotograf. Birgitte is standing on the other side of the camera.

Christoffer becomes acquainted to  Collin kennen - or viceversa??

Mor Anita with little Collin. Still being packed!

Mads, Far Jörgen and Morten wellcome!

Do we arrived? Travel wasn't too bad!

COLLIN, our little chief left parent's home as last 20th of December into direction of Varde, Denmark. Now he brings sunshine to the Julius family ( Far Jörgen, Mor Anita, Birgitte, Mads, Morten and Christoffer ). 

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5. und 6. week

3. and 4. week

1. and 2. week

At new home

At new home

7. and 8. week

An evident message "this is my home"

9. and 10. week

 The "new Prince" between

Uncle und Mama.


At the very beginning you will be tought the meaning of homely.


with Mistress and lording

 and               Darcy with Charlie

 Shelley with Charlie

 Ruby and Mathew with Charlie

Charlie Brown journey to the new family was the longest at all: 1100 km. He moved to Bern in Switzerland.

His travel had not been so bad because his Mama accompanied him all the way.

But his greatest advantage against his siblings is, that he moves to his real uncle, to BYRON SEA LORD of Lionhill.

05. December 2010

Charlie Brown Rascal of Lionhill

The first reports from the family shows her great comfort and that she is on the right way to get new friends and become familiarized.

Today Caramel Candy Jewel moved to her new family Kasper in the vicinity of Stuttgart.

She will accompany not only her new humans but also a setter rude, a horse and 7 cats.

05. Dezember 2010

Caramel Candy Jewel of Lionhill

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