23. November 2010, 7 weeks and 4 days old

22. November 2010, 7 weeks and 3 days old

7. and 8. week

Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.



Anouk Princess of Lionhill


One and Only The Red Shadow (called. Adam)

Owner Jochen u. Judith Lind

Details to,
One and Only the Red Shadow
including pedigree (to follow)

Details to,
Anouk Princess of Lionhill
including pedigree
(to follow)


1. October 2010

If Anouk has a ball to play with and a human to throw it, her puppies are out of the picture.

Today we have had our first excursion - one time around the block. Less than 10 minutes. All were very brave, no one needs to air one's belly. The Softbox has proven their functionality. However the box is too small to allow Mamas attandance.

14. November 2010, 6 weeks and 2 days old

I'm a star, rescue me.

Mama, play with me!!

16. November 2010, 6 weeks and 4 days old

At th eend of an axciting day. One sleeps with his favorite toy.  

Again into the softbox. You can't nearly see anything. Also our second tour was a success without any accidents.  

The tunnel stays a favorite of both youth and old.


Also the puppies are ready now to get their lectures from Mum. Whlie playing thy get "socialised". 

At first we start with th never ending story of the tunnel. He is the absolute favorite.  

Today only videos.  

Today ANOUK  and her siblings have their 4. birthday.


17. November 2010, 6 weeks and 5 days old

Today we have had our third excursion. That one took a little bit longer than the former one. The puppies lay well -behaved close together in the softbox making nearly no noise. Again a small progress!!  

Also today we have made a small record during the vain attempt to frighten the puppies. An increasing amount of people practicing Nordic Walking. Other people wear different or strange clothings and appear just scary. To prevent unpleasant encounters we are going to exercise and simulate those situations.

18. November 2010, 6 weeks and 6 days old

Last but not least the days summarisation - video

The broom is not only a working but also a "playing"- tool.

Of course the sparkling and twinkling of the CD's is much more intensive while sun is shinging, but at any time the puppies can play with them and in addition they get used to the light reflections of different intensity.

The towels are on the line to get the puppies used to noise and behavior of flutter.

The long lasting period of rain takes a break. It's still wet and cold - anyhow , now we are going into the garden for running and playing.  

21. November 2010, 7 weeks and 2 days old

Especially in the morning the puppies have a strong  need to move.

Pulling and playing in the Puppy sandbox are favorite games.

After the following feed it takes not too much time and the fall into the next deep sleep.

Again the garden with the tunnel is the puppies playground favorite.

During the time the puppy room must be cleaned, the little Ones have to stay outside in the small adjacent puppy running area. This has to be done daily in the morning and since a while several times a day.

Collin  -  Captain 

The broom with Charlie 

Lovely Caramel Candy 


Choice  -  Churchill   -  Anouk 

Churchill    -         -   Anouk   -   Collin

It's chilly, but sun is shining.

Best conditions to go outside and 

-for playing, 

-for posing,

-to take photos and 



Carrie   -   Choice - Collin - nn   -  Charlie


25. November 2010, 7 weeks and 6 days old

Also today a short movie s"ummary".

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The opportunity to play outside is a graet pleasure not onlly for the puppies, but also for Anouk

12. November 2010, 6 weeks old

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