9. and 10. week

Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.

ANOUK proud of her litter!!



Anouk Princess of Lionhill


One and Only The Red Shadow (called. Adam)

Owner Jochen u. Judith Lind

1. and 2. Week

Details to,
One and Only the Red Shadow
including pedigree

Details to,
Anouk Princess of Lionhill
including pedigree


1. October 2010

small "cluster of stars"

02. October 2010, 1 day young

13. October 2010, 12 days young

The litter mates are getting into contact

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03. October 2010, 2 days young

A deep crater!!

Several times a day she inspects her cave.

Every time she is covered with mould and needs to be thorough washed bevor joining her puppys again.
Now there is an end to that. 

ANOUK builts her own puppy home,

 like her mum did bevor. You will never know whether our humans can do to it in the proper way for the puppys.

Starcluster 'seven'

05. October 2010, 3 days young

Sucker babe

04. October 2010, 3 days young

in a headlock

laying in a row like Organ-pipes

contented puppy

06. October 2010, 5 days young 

ANOUK contented with her litter

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3. and 4. week

7. and 8. week

5. and 6. week

At home

12. October 2010, 11 days young

First trys of walking

12. October 2010, 11 days young

Sleep like a dog

11. October 2010, 10 days young

Feeded while feeding

10. October 2010, 9 days young

Wenn die Wurfkiste gereinigt wird, müssen kurz ins Notquartier

The dayly feeding fight

Anouk looks quite happy

09. Ocober 2010, 8 days young


08. October 2010, 7 days young

How to breed a lapdog!!??!!

"tasting" puppys paw