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Tayla My Shy Typhoon of the Red Flash


Bram vom Platanengrund

Owner Ellen ten Brink

Details to,
Bram vom Platanengrund
including pedigree

Details to,
Tayla My Shy Typhoon of the Red Flash
including pedigree

31. December 2008, 24 Days old and still young

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Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.

1. and 2. week

3. and 4. week

5. and 6. week

7.and 8. week

9. and 10. week

subsequently toppel down again and rest with Mama on the 'dreamcatcher pillow'

all awake and instantly comming into action

03. Januar 2009, 27 Tage jung


where the deuce is my feed??

Exhausting work - BYRON trys to assemble the tunnel

First puppy's very very diffucult to take it up!

01. January 2009, 25 Days young

.....fighting dogs? dogs....?

awake - what's on now...?

The dreamcatcher pillow

different types of beauty nap

 their first toys

ANOUK is visiting her siblings.

They still are very suspect.

28. December 2008, 3 weeks young

my teeth are already very large, arn't they?

awake: that is playing

27. December 2008, 20 Tage jung

26. Dezember 2008, 19 Tage jung

Establishing first Contact  - first shaping

....but Mama is wathching and taks care

Frst try to outbreak.....

23. December 2008, 16 Days young

First 'play around'

A peck for Mama

22. December 2008, 15 Days young