Tayla My Shy Typhoon of the Red Flash


Bram vom Platanengrund

Owner Ellen ten Brink

Details to,
Bram vom Platanengrund
including pedigree

Details to,
Tayla My Shy Typhoon of the Red Flash
including pedigree

14. December, 1 Week  young

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07. December 2008

Those who say, that fortune can not be bought, have not realized, that puppies exist.

3. and 4. week

1. and 2. week

7. and 8. week

5. and 6. week

At home

9. and 10. week

Number "B-1" !!

Number "B-2"                                                                        here we are all together

08.December, 1 Day young.
Our main business:         sucking                     and                          sleeping                                  

10. December 3. Day
beauty nap

11. Dezember, 4 Days young
Puppy milk for all, including Mama .  Elder sister ANOUK is very pry into everything concerning the puppies. Every time she hears the puppies beeping, she pricks up one's ears and she wants to look  for.  But Mama is taking care!!. So she has to bid one's time  Mama is less watchful.

During the daily puppy-box cleaning I have to move - but not without my puppies!!!


20. December, 13 Days young

Lithe and lissom as bevor - who is the mother and who the daughter??

where is the milkar

19. December, 12 Days young

Also Mama may have it convenient!!!

Our very young lady

One male puppy first time eyes open

18. December, 11 Days young

17. December, 10 Days young

Nest-building from animal point of view

TAYLA is still very busy

13. December, 6 Days young

Nest-building from human point of view

Mamas und Puppies

the 3 sucker  put on weight propperly

12. December, 5 days young

    where the hell are those little nippels????