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01.August 2010 Angela with TAYLA and ANOUK at Sankelmarker See

TAYLA "hunts" butterflies und ANOUK "hunts" TAYLA

cool or relaxed ?!? ?!?

Tayla my Shy Typhoon of the Red Flash

ex    "Imagination of the Red Flash"
by    "Yesterday's Hero Jamson Naughty".

Anouk Princess of Lionhill

ex    "Tayla my Shy Typhoon of the Red Flash"
by    "Bram vom Platanengrund"

our breeding female dogs

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Diva Sugar and Spice of Lionhill

ex    "Anouk Princess of Lionhill"
by    "Scout Red Irish Man of Greenland"

And one day Diva. occurs...."suddenly" she was there  :-))

Diva, Tayla, Anouk (from front to back) in their "luxury-limousine"

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Here the collection of our awrds and cups. Most of them are wone by TAYLA, also the very important.......

.................Best of Breed (BoB) 2007,

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Anouk plays with "her" Diva